Meet My Donor Jason Erb

May 24, 2017

Jason Erb lives in Strasburg, PA along with his wife Deneen and their three sons… Hunter, Logan and Connor. I’ve never met a more unselfish family, always ready to help.  Not only is Jason helping me but he and Deneen recently took in Jason’s grandparents.  They added an addition onto their home for their grandparents and are doing whatever it takes to help them. IMG_0456


I think it was around September of 2016 when our church sent an email to all the members letting them know I was looking for a living liver donor.  Jason felt prompted to pray and fast about it after which he had no doubt God said he was supposed to be the donor.  So he filled out an application on Penn University Hospital’s website and the long journey of testing began.

Jason’s first appointment at Penn was in the Fall of 2016.  At that time he was told he had to lose 30 pounds before he could donate. Jason never once complained or wavered about his decision to donate regardless of what was required of him. Even though he works very long hours in construction, he and Deneen would walk every evening in any kind of weather to help him lose the weight.

By early 2016 Jason was down to his ideal body weight and met the BMI required by Penn.  So the testing began.  After several trips to Philadelphia and many, many tests we are almost there.  There have been so many ups and downs along the way but God is faithful and he continues to keep moving us closer and closer to surgery.

One of the highlights of our journey with the Erbs was last week at our care group.  Jason and Deneen came so our care group could pray for them.  Pastor Steve Crutchfield and his wife Kim from our Strasburg campus attended and anointed us with oil. Pastor Steve prayed the most heartfelt prayer I’ve ever heard.  I am so thankful and so blessed to be part of the Victory Church family… these people love Jesus and are doing their very best to follow Him.  FullSizeRender