Jason Erb Liver Donor Medical Fund


We need your help!!!

Every donation will help.  If 200 people give $10.00 we will be able to meet the goal and help this unselfish family get through the next few months without having to struggle.  (minimum donation is $5.00 per GoFundMe)

Victory Church sent out a request to find a living liver donor for a member of our tribe, Ronald Gessner. Twelve people came forward to apply to be donors and all were eliminated for one reason or another except for one.

Ron contracted Hepatitis C in his 20’s and it destroyed his liver over the past 25 years. He was cured of the hep C thanks to a new drug called Harvoni but he’s in end stage liver disease due to having the virus for so many years.

Here’s Jason’s story… 

Jason Erb, the husband of Deneen who have 3 boys and also care for their grandparents felt a strong calling by God to apply to donate a portion of his liver.  After much prayer and fasting Jason knew he was the one God chose to be the donor.

After 8 months of testing and having to lose 35 pounds, Jason was cleared for surgery.  The liver transplant will take place on Tuesday, June 27th at Penn University Hospital in Philadelphia.

This fund will be used to cover any medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance plus at least 3 months living expenses while Jason is recuperating and not able to work.

Click on link to support Jason Erb


You can follow Ron and Jason’s story by following Ron’s blog at www.ronslivertransplant.com



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